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Learn to gain more than just points.

Sandra Zaniewska

" The best coaches don't create the best players; they create the best humans." 


I believe that every human being has an unlimited potential and my role as a coach is to show players how to tap into that. In my world, obstacles are opportunities and impossible is just a perspective. I treat every player as a human being at first, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and creation of solid foundations for a fulfilling life.

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More Than Points is a tennis podcast available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. So far, only in Polish.
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 The aim of Coaching 2.0: How to Develop Great Female Players On and Off the Court is to show coaches how to create an environment in which players will have the space to excel not only as tennis players, but also as human beings. It’s about preparing players not only for their tennis challenges, but also for a happy life outside of the court. Don’t let the title mislead you though; the book is focused on female players, because I have been on both sides - previously as a professional player and today as a coach, however the ideas I write about are universal across genders. 


The book is now available on Amazon across the world. Head to your Amazon website to get a copy!

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